Creative Center Nitra

We educate, network and support creative individuals

The creation of the Nitra Creative Center (NCC) was initiated by the city of Nitra with the vision of creative people feeling like at home in Nitra and at the same time for the local community to perceive creativity as part of its identity. Creative Centre Nitra brings space for the development of creative talent, supports entrepreneurship in the field of cultural and creative industry and introduces a multi-genre program to the general public.


Project name: Creative Center Nitra

Project code: 302031ADT3

Beneficiary and place of project implementation: City of Nitra

Registered office: Štefánikova street 60, 950 06 Nitra

Non-refundable financial contribution: EUR 15,563,809.26

Amount of financial support from the EU: EUR 13,925,513.55


The Creative Center Nitra project is co-financed from European Union resources from the European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Program Integrated Regional Operational Program. The goal of the project is to build infrastructure – premises for the Nitra Creative Center (Cinema Palace + area on Martinský hill), equipping the premises with technologies and furniture, providing specific services, supporting the demand for creative work in all areas of cultural an creative industry.

What is the CCI ( cultural and creative insdustry)?

CCI = cultural and creative industry. Alpha and Omega of the Nitra Creative Center. Not only culture as we know it (concerts, theater performances, craft markets), but also creative industry, such as advertising, architecture, design, literature or art in public space. In short, all activities with the potential to do business (earn or create a new job), based on creativity, talent and skills. The “products” of CCI are often what create and shape the environment around us.

Creative Center Nitra brings new activities of CCI especially in the field of crafts, music, audiovisual, multimedia, visual and performing arts.

Vision and mission of CCN

The long-term vision of CCN is to contribute to the development of the city so that creative people feel like at home in Nitra and the “Nitranians” perceive creativity as part of their identity.

The mission of the Nitra Creative Center is to gradually build the comprehensive capacity of the City Nitra to support the development of CCI in the Nitra region, as well as throughout Slovakia. We want to create an environment for creatives in our buildings. Through our service offer, to strengthen their ability to get a job on the market and through the program to build a lively community that actively supports creatives in their surroundings.

We are preparing the background for CCI

CCN brings a new generation of cultural and creative centers. The neglected historical buildings of Nitra will be transformed into 2 multifunctional centers, which will be programmatically connected and will revive the center and the periphery of the city. In this case, CCI has a great influence on urban regeneration and restoration of underutilized buildings in the city.

Funds from the European Union enabled us to start the reconstruction of long-term unused buildings owned by the city. Reconstruction works of the former Cinema Palace and 4 buildings in the area of ​​barrackson Martinský hill are planned until the end of 2023 at the latest. The result will be new functional spaces with multi-genre use for CCN members and the general public.

We develop creative talent and skills

Within the CCN Academy, we offer tailor-made education, incubation and acceleration courses aimed at business development in culture and the creative industry. Creative people can improve their skills in the Labs, where they will also develop their creative talent. Connect, inspire and make  work visible thanks to the CCN support programs.

One of our main goals is to increase employment and support the creation of new jobs in CCI. That is why our activities have different levels. They are intended for non-entrepreneurs – those interested in entrepreneurship and for both beginners and long-term entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industry.

We revive the city

We perceive Nitra as the center of the region, which has the potential to offer residents and tourists more cultural and creative activities. The cultural and creative industry (CCI) is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors. Many local governments have already realized how CCI can directly and indirectly contribute to local revitalization efforts, helping to regenerate urban infrastructure.

CCN prepares a multi-genre program for the public in cooperation with domestic and foreign artists in the field of scenic, visual arts, music, multimedia, audiovisual and crafts. Our goal is to present the latest trends in the cultural and creative industry and to build a receptive audience that is part of the cultural events in the city. As part of the program, you can also support Nitra creatives by purchasing at our regular sales exhibitions or markets.