CCN Buildings


Barracks – Nitra Creative Center on Martinský hill, with multi-genre use for creative people and the public, will consist of 2 blocks, which will be created by connecting buildings.

The premises will offer every creative person such a needed creative environment. Two of the four buildings will be equipped with modern technologies, in which you will find craft workshop rooms, music rehearsal rooms, a multi-purpose hall, room for practical educational purposes and an open shared space for the joint work of various CCI professions.

The other 2 buildings of the CCN barracks will be available for the general public use. In addition to the reconstruction of the buildings, the restoration of their surroundings is also planned. This will create new places for relaxation and spending free time with friends and family (cafe, creative shop or micro-park), as well as a space for work – coworking place.

After the evaluation of the architectural competition and the end of the public procurement, which determined the contractor for the reconstruction, a contract was signed with the company Adefex a.s. on 23rd of February of 2022. With the signing of the contract, the reconstruction works financed by European Union resources started on Martinský hill.  The architectural solution respects the ecological approach and the history of the entire area, which contains several cultural monuments, a large park with greenery and an archeopark with replicas of ancient houses and craft workrooms.

The area of ​​the former barracks under Zobor area is a place in where several functions (educational, recreational and cultural) are interconnected. Funding from the European Union in the amount of more than 5.6 million euros will make it possible to create an inspiring space for the development of creative talent from the long-term unused and dilapidated buildings of the barracks. We are renovating 4 buildings, almost 3000 m2.