CCN Buildings


The new premises of the Palace – Creative Center Nitra, equipped with modern technologies, will enable us to organize events of various types of live art – theater, dance, music, multimedia and audiovisual programs, festivals, conferences and others. In this way, a unique place will be created in the center of the city, which will complement the already existing network of cultural spaces with its equipment and higher capacity.


The Palace program will include educational programs, networking and workshops for creatives from various fields of the cultural and creative industry.

Multifunctional hall and cafe

The designed multifunctional hall will be intended for people from CCI  and visitors of all ages. We are already preparing a multi-genre program and cultural events and before attending on such a program you can stop for a coffee in the designed cafe on the terrace, which will be restored according to the original handwriting of its author.

Iconic cinema in a new guise

The Palace cinema building, located on Radlinského Street No. 9 in the city center, was built in 1925-26 and still rightfully belongs to the important points on the map of slovak architecture. The author of the original architectural solution is Fridrich Weinwurm, a slovak architect of Jewish origin and a key figure in modern architecture in Slovakia. After more than 15 years, this place will come alive again with culture. The reconstruction, which started with the signing of the contract, will restore its original spirit but in new design.


Before the opening of the new “Palace – Creative Center Nitra”, our activities will take place in alternative spaces.